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Creator of the Envisioneering Up Process

The Envisioneering Up process is exclusive to Get It Coaching & Consulting.

When you’re entering a new role, leading a team, or aiming for a new goal, it can be challenging to define success. It can also be tough to get started, stay focused and feel like you’re accomplishing and growing along the way. The Envisioneering Up process leverages visual tools to help define, evaluate and measure the professional goals you strive to meet.

Let’s sharpen our pencils and get to work.

I sought Annie’s expertise as a career coach when making a huge professional decision. She listened and helped me organize my thoughts on the positives, negatives, risks and potential rewards of the decision. She posed insightful questions and helped me work through some of the challenges. She drew upon her vast HR expertise and professional experience in various industries to guide and counsel me in my decision making. Annie is smart, compassionate and a pleasure to work with!

-Tanya Sillitti, Founder, View Marketing & Creative

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