In every conversation I have with Annie, she challenges me to look at things from a different perspective. I’ve grown every time we’ve met and I’ve grown in ways I never would have though of on my own.

- High level individual contributor

My career would be NOWHERE near where it is without Annie’s coaching.  She has seen me through promotions, adjusting to new roles, and working through special projects.  I completely trust her to listen without bias and follow up with perspective and questions that help me grow and think.

- Newly promoted director

Coaching with Annie has literally changed my life. I’m healthier, a better mother, and a stronger leader.  I came to coaching to grow in my career, but through coaching, I realized that every aspect of my life is intermingled.  When I allowed myself to accept that and work through each piece, the growth started. I now sleep better, am better at my job, am less stressed, and I work less hours while still doing great work.

- Leader of people managers


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