Planning for success: getting ready for your new job or new role

When starting a new job or a new role within your company, going in with a solid plan will help calm your nerves and position you to quickly be effective. A simple formula for your plan is to learn, assess, and perform. Let’s dive deeper into these steps.


Spend the first 30 days doing a lot of listening. Join the meetings, get to know the people as people, not just players in a game. In most situations in life, let alone your career, relationships are imperative to success.  You don’t have to be bestfriends with everyone, but if you can learn more about what makes each teammate human, you’re going to have a lot easier time building a genuine trusting relationship with them, and therefore, getting work done faster and more effectively.


Once you get to know the people, use your second month to get to know the data. This really builds on the research you did in the interview process. Get nerdy on this one! Check out your company’s portal for financial information, ask all the questions about acronyms, why things are done a certain way, and what future outlooks are.  Really start to build your understanding of how things are done. Start to think about where you can provide value.


Now that you know the people and the company, get to work.  Start putting together conclusions based on what you’ve learned in the first 60 days to make suggestions for how you can make an impact.  Be sure to include your manager when sharing your ideas of what steps you can take. Your manager can help you avoid political landmines and identify the best ways to get the work done.


This is an exciting time- a new chapter, a new opportunity to learn new things and make a real difference. Embrace it by planning for success.

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